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About Us

Welcome to Super Saucy Brand

Here at Super Saucy Brand, we feel there is no better way to express yourself than to wear what you enjoy.  That’s why we’re committed to providing "saucy clothing for the sauciest people."

It all started with our passion for cool streetwear and our drive to make the latest fashion trends available to everybody.  To be honest, we don’t worry about anyone else’s preconceived notions of style, and instead just focus on making clothes that look and feel good for a particular moment in time.

As a small, family-owned business based in San Diego, we are proud of our California heritage.  Like all true individuals everywhere, we aren’t afraid of being unique and standing up for what we believe in. And one thing we believe in is the incredible melting pot of surf, skate, and hip-hop style that California represents. 

Granted, Super Saucy Brand might be small compared to other, more established streetwear brands, but with our ideal combo of on-trend fashion and affordability, we are more than ready to step up and add our voice to the mix.  We are here to change the fashion world with our brand. 

So, what is going to set us apart?

1. A sense of community.  With Super Saucy Brand, you are joining a club.  Because we are selling online only, we will use our active social media presence to connect with our customers and truly listen to them.  Not only will this collaboration help drive new designs, but it will also make sure we stay relevant, responsive, and cutting-edge. 

2. Quality for the price.  Let’s be real—when you look at some of those bigger, more established brands, many of their prices can seem staggering.  Ridiculous, even.  At Super Saucy Brand, we provide similar quality at a more affordable price point, plain and simple.  We encourage you to shop at the established brands and decide for yourself on this point.

And finally…

3. Fashion with attitude.  At Super Saucy Brand, we strongly believe that there is no better way for people to express themselves than through what they wear.  We carry out this belief in our own lives and are excited to bring our message to the world with the timely and relevant mottos in our designs. 

And that’s what we’re all about.  We realize what a crowded space the clothing industry is, but we know that with our vision and dedication, we can change fashion for the better.  We also realize our catalog is small right now, but it will continue to grow—and we encourage folks to stay updated through social media (@supersaucybrand) on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Thanks for reading.

Stay saucy, everyone—