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Your Guide to Wearing a Hoodie For the Best Street Look

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A hoodie doesn't have to be a signal you haven't showered in a couple of days. And even if it is, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Street fashion is all about the disheveled and casual look, and there's plenty of room for a little grime under that umbrella.

The point is, the hoodie is no longer a symbol of low fashion. Designers are using hoodies on runways to give their collections accessibility and a funky feel. The right hoodie can complete an outfit.

But what is the right hoodie? Will any old hoodie do?

Let us take you on a tour of wearing a hoodie for a look that boldly proclaims your fashion sense and your connection to street style. Keep reading!

Wearing a Hoodie: Explore Your Options

These various looks encompass the spectrum of options available to hoodie wearers. You can go low-fashion or high-fashion, but you can't go wrong.

Any one of these looks is street-ready.

Layer Up

Use a hoodie in combination with other layers to give yourself an unassuming air. After all, the hoodie is the great equalizer. Anyone can own one.

Some good layering options include a light overcoat or jacket, a simple crew-neck t-shirt, and a button-down shirt.

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Dressing down can look chic too.

Athleisure is all about comfort. You can let your fitted sweatpants cozy up to a smart hoodie for a look that sacrifices no style. Add a fresh pair of sneakers, and you have an update on LL Cool J's classic look.

That's right, even track pants can be a part of your athleisure look.

Find the Boldest Print Possible

Now we're getting to the outrageous end of the fashion spectrum. Go big by finding a hoodie with bold print or sports logos.

If you keep the rest of this look simple, you'll find the hoodie makes it pop in just the right way.

Lavish It in Leather

Another way to rebel against traditional fashion and the previously accepted ways of wearing a hoodie is to put yours under a stylish leather jacket. You can let your millennial James Dean out like a 21st-century rebel with a fashionable cause.

Parting Words for Hoodie Wearers

You don't need an expensive wardrobe to rock a fashionable street look. There are many ways to express your hoodie style, and wearing a hoodie can spruce up many outfits that have lost their life for you.

Still not sure where to start with hoodies? Take a look at our collection.