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What is Streetwear? A Brief Background

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Streetwear has become a major movement within the fashion industry. It's immense popularity among the youth and various urban subcultures have brought it along way from it's origins in the surfer culture of Southern California.

But what is streetwear, and why has its popularity lasted for so many decades?

When you take the time to dive a little deeper, it's not hard to understand the appeal of its attitude of youthfulness and rebellion.

Streetwear is About Culture, Not Clothing

Let's start with the basics: Streetwear is more about expression than anything else. Largely driven by the Hip Hop community, it has long been embraced by rappers, pop-stars, athletes and celebrities who love to show off their personal styles on every social media platform.

Streetwear might be something you wear, but it's all about attitude.

It's Versatile

There's no debating the fact that today streetwear is the pinnacle of style. New looks arrive on the scene every minute of the day, from every corner of the country. Bold style elements like military gear to distressed denim, graphic tees to baseball caps.

At the very beginning, streetwear was mostly worn during the summer because it was such a laid-back look, but today the style is a year-round look.

It Started in Southern California

Streetwear is a moment that has its origins in the streets of Laguna Beach with a surfer named Shawn Stussy. Having been heavily influenced by the punk aesthetic, Stussy built a reputation for shaping surfboards that had a distinctive look, creating unique, rebellious graphics.

His style appealed to surfers and skaters in the mid-80's, and he later expanded his brand into clothing, his designs borrowing heavily from the world of music.

The look spread quickly, gaining traction in pop-culture, particularly in the world of Hip-Hop.

Streetwear Isn't Any One Thing

What is streetwear? It's not a style that's easy to define with labels. It's cool and casual, drawing influences from many different elements, from grunge, to rock, to a dozen other subcultures. Streetwear is a snapshot of modern urban fashion, offering countless ways to express yourself.

Streetwear might have made its name appealing to the youth, but it's certainly not limited to the young. This is a fashion culture that knows no boundaries or limitations. It's cool, it's hip, and it's ever-changing yet always on the cutting edge.

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