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Top Tips to Perfect Your Street Look

Posted by Super Saucy Brand on

Summer is nearly upon us! It's the best time of year to go out, socialize and be seen.

Are you looking to find a new street look in anticipation for the season? Here are some tips you should consider that will help you transform your wardrobe.

Shop Smart

The first rule of developing a fashion-forward street look is to not spend huge amounts of money when you don't need to. Much of the streetwear that intrests celebrities and influencers can cost thousands of dollars.

But you rarely need to spend that kind of money to achieve a similar look. If you shop smart and often, then you'll be able to expand your fashion palette without bleeding your bank account dry.

An online retailer can be your best chance to find affordable fashion. Expensive boutiques might have the benefit of showcasing well-known brands. But in today's fashion world, that doesn't necessarily translate to street cool.

Choose Your Fit Wisely

It's an often-debated fashion topic. Should you go for loose-fitting clothing or clothing that hugs your body? The short answer is that it depends on a variety of factors.

If you're wearing a loose fitting top, you might want to go with pants that accentuate your curves. If you're wearing a tight top, it might look better when paired with loose-fitting pants.

The key is to diversify your choices as often as possible. This creates a much more interesting look that will make you feel at home on any streetwear fashion runway. Don't be afraid to mix and match certain looks to get a sense of what works!

Accessories Are Extremely Important

A common mistake some fashion-forward people make is that they forget about accessories. Jewelry, belts, pins, and other accoutrements can really round out your look while helping you maintain your originality.

But when it comes to street fashion, minimalism reigns supreme. If you overload yourself with accessories, you can come off as having poor taste. Sometimes, a thin belt around your waist can make a world of difference.

Jewelry can also add a welcome element of grace and poise to your overall look, as long as it's adorned tastefully.

Shoes Are Everything

You might think shoes are a rather understated aspect of your street look. But the right shoes can make a powerful fashion statement.

Your shoes should complement your look. If you're going for casual, wear some designer sneakers. If you're going for a more professional look, wear dress shoes that have a street flair.

Make Your Street Look Unique

People are so passionate about streetwear because it's a way to express yourself. In today's fashion world, individuality is rewarded. Don't be afraid to showcase your personality and develop a unique style that expands on current trends.

If you're consistent, you may even be able to start a new trend!

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Stay saucy, everyone—