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Top Street Style Trends to Try this Year

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Street style is fabulous. It's also very accessible.

Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to be invited to New York Fashion Week. In truth, you don't even need a front-row seat along Versace's runway (unless you want to catch a glimpse of Yeezy himself). All you need is a little street style.

Whatever the stars are wearing to a meeting in NYC or a date night in L.A. is sure to be on point. As street style becomes the new fashion guidebook, let's see what the top street style trends are these days.

Tiny Sunglasses

While many things are going large (chunky sneakers, boots), your sunglasses need to be small. Even Kanye West sent Kim Kardashian a couple pairs of tiny sunglasses to keep her on point.

You can still opt for the glorious cat-eye frame that suits nearly every face, you just need to shrink them down from the oversized versions we've grown accustomed to.

The Vapormax 

We think that the number one trending shoe in 2018 is the Nike Vapormax.  Who doesn’t want to be seen in a cool pair of Vapormax Nikes?  Whether you’re a surfer, skater, or hiphop kind of person, you will love these.  Rock these with some Super Saucy Brand merch and you’re bound to get some attention.

The Color Purple

Whether we're talking about your tiny frames or your cropped pants, purple is in. And, even though we're heading into spring, it's not about pastels.

It's about bright, bold shades of purple. Dark denim is also back in town.

So, imagine pairing a bright purple blazer atop a pair of dark wash denim jeans? Slide on your tiny frames and consider yourself the master of all street style trends.

Big, Bold Logos

As you scroll through the blogs and window-shop through town, you'll start to notice that bold logos are everywhere.  

We started the year off seeing bold logos stitched across tees. Now, we're seeing them everywhere from the waistbands on jeans, to sweatshirts, to full-blown logo handbags.  Super Saucy Brand's Pure Sauce Collection is the perfect way to rock this trend.


Get ready to line your closet with every kind of hoodie because they're another one of the most popular street style trends this year.  Who doesn't love slinking into a stylish hoodie and heading out into public?  Don’t forget to buy one of our Super Saucy hoodies.

Rock All These Street Style Trends!

Imagine this: a bold logo tee atop dark denim cropped jeans. Throw on a purple blazer for good measure. If you head out into the shimmering evening mist rocking that kind of ensemble, you'll be the hit of the night.

Here at Super Saucy Brand, we can help fulfill all your street style dreams. Let's get you outfitted today!

Stay saucy, everyone—