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This Ain't It Chief: 4 Common Streetwear Fashion Faux Pas

Posted by Super Saucy Brand on

Here at Super Saucy Brand, we always want you to look your best.

But, as well as keeping you up-to-date with all the latest fashion trends, sometimes we have to break the news to you that, quite frankly, your look ain't all that chief.

We know it can be hard to hear. But, you're not alone - from deep V-neck tees to skinny ties, we've all committed a few fashion faux pas in our time.

However, if you're still making any of the following men's fashion mistakes then it's time for us to intervene:

1. Badly-Fitting Clothes

If you want a looser fit, you might be tempted to buy t-shirts, shirts and jackets one size too large. But this has the effect of making you look like you're wearing clothes wrongly.

The shoulder line will fall halfway down your arm and the sleeves and neck will look odd. If you want to go for an oversized look, you'll need to find clothes that are actually cut that way.

2. Making an Error with Pleather

We can just about forgive vegans for rocking pleather. But, for the rest of you, there's no excuse for this streetwear fashion mistake.

Pleather is a cheap leather substitute, often made from polyurethane. And bags, wallets, shoes and jackets made from it look tacky and don't last five minutes.

Leather, on the other hand, looks great. Leather jackets even improve with age, so they work out cheaper in the long run.

Sure, pleather is cruelty-free, but so are canvas, cotton and denim. Or, do your bit for the environment with a bag or wallet made from upcycled rubber tires.

3. Forgetting to Button Up

We're not talking about forgetting to button up your pants...although that could result in a whole other men fashion faux pas.

No, we mean stopping a little too early when you're buttoning up your shirt.

Sure, leaving one or two shirt buttons undone is an easy way to achieve a more casual look. But, whether you're the proud owner of a virile and hairy chest, or you just got it waxed, no one wants to see your chest poking out, ever!

4. Neglecting Your Shoes

Finishing off your fashionable streetwear look with a scruffy pair of shoes is a sure-fire way to undo all of your good work.

But, not only does the wrong footwear give the overall impression of a badly dressed man, they can also undermine your personality. In fact, if you're looking to impress the opposite sex, be warned that 52 percent of women judge a man's personality by his shoes!

So, remember to keep your sneakers looking box-fresh and never wear shiny shoes unless you're wearing a suit.

Avoid These Streetwear Fashion Faux Pas

Are you guilty of committing any of these streetwear fashion faux pas?

If so then it's time to throw out your holey kicks, cheap pleather jacket and ill-fitting t-shirts.

But don't worry if your closet's looking a little bare as a result, we've got you covered with all the latest looks to upgrade your streetwear style.