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How to Wear a Hoodie and Still Look Stylish For All Occasions

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Streetwear Hoodie

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable clothing items out there. Whether you're a man or woman, there's nothing like throwing on your favorite hoodie on a rainy day or to run some errands.

Your go-to hoodie may be from one of your old athletic teams or part of a designer's new line. Either way, the best way to pull it off is to know how to wear a hoodie and still look stylish.

Here are some of the most popular ways that people wear their hoodies.

Hoodies as Athleisure Looks

Athleisure is what happens when traditional gym clothes meet stylish streetwear. More and more people are using coffee dates and grocery shopping as an excuse to put on their favorite workout leggings and hoodies.

It's a style that makes you look attractive and fashion-forward without trying too hard. Not to mention, it's easy to spend the whole day in such an outfit then wrap up your to-do list by actually hitting the gym. The trick to wearing a hoodie in such a way is to find a fitted hoodie.

Ladies, opt for sleeves that sit just right on your wrist instead of those oversized ones that go up to the middle of your palm. If you're a fan of crop tops, consider cutting your gym hoodie into a crop, too.

Men, your version of athleisure hoodies is a little simpler. Just make sure your colors match and the fit isn't too baggy and you're good to go.

Hoodies for Layers

This is arguably the most obvious way to use a hoodie jacket. When it's cold outside, all you want to do is bundle up, and hoodies are meant to do just that!

Still, there are a few style tips you should stick to. Girls who wear hoodies in the winter should match them with sneakers or sleek boots instead of bulky, thick boots. This helps create a nice slimming appearance rather than a round silhouette.

Men, you can wear your hoodie with joggers. But, if you're trying to make your layers look more put-together, pair a nice hoodie with a clean pair of jeans and some fresh sneakers. You'll be the coolest guy around with an outfit like this.

Hoodies for Travel Days

Sometimes, it's acceptable to dress more for comfort than for style. Actually, this should be a priority no matter what you wear, but you get a little more wiggle room on travel days.

For a long flight or a whole day of driving on the road, always make sure you have your hoodie. To be comfortable and look your best, pair this with a crisp t-shirt and clean sneakers. You can decide on leggings/joggers versus jeans depending on how long you're going to be traveling for and the weather outside.

How to Wear a Hoodie and Still Look Stylish: Find the Right One!

Headed to the movies? Grabbing coffee with your boo on a rainy day? These are perfect excuses to wear your hoodie!

But, to make sure you know exactly how to wear a hoodie and still look stylish, choose the hoodie that looks the best on you. Sometimes, it's better to leave your old sweater from college at home and go for the more classic, cleaner option.

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