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Fall 2018 Streetwear Trends That Will Get You Ahead of the Fashion Curve

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The varied budgets of young millennials mean that you could be spending anywhere from hundreds a month to maybe a hundred per year on clothing.

But even if you fall on the cheaper end, that doesn't mean you should compromise your style and miss out on fall 2018 fashion trends. If you buy the right pieces, you can stay fashionable all year round without breaking the bank.

Here are 3 pieces you have to have this year.

1. Return of the Camper Cap

Whether you've been following street trends for awhile or are just tuning in, you've probably seen the more stylish people around you rocking this cool casual cap. The camper cap has been in and out of streetwear circles for years but it's finally securing its spot this season.

A low profile camper cap pairs well with anything from a new pair of Jordans to the boat shoes you rock on a beach day. This style of cap looks good on everyone from the artist or creative type to skateboarders and everyone in between.

Camper caps show off a lot more style than a baseball cap without pigeonholing you into that middle of the road style.

2. Hoodies Are Forever

Hoodies are probably the best thing to happen in streetwear in the past 30 years. Since they were seen on the cover of Thrasher magazine in the 80s, they've been associated with alternative styles. Everyone from rappers to actors to athletes has been seen rocking one from time to time.

There are fitted hoodies, zip-up hoodies, baggy ones cut to fit every kind of style. A good hoodie is a must-have for anyone who is dedicated to street style.

A hoodie looks good over a shirt and tie or with a pair of ripped jean shorts. Whatever your version of street style is or whatever your lifestyle requires, a good hoodie will be by your side.

3. Go Long

In the fall, it starts to get chilly and it's time to put on something more substantial than a t-shirt. If you like street style, you might not want to go with a button-up and start covering up your style. A long-sleeve shirt can fit the temperature changes in the fall without compromising your style.

One of the best things about long sleeve shirts is how versatile they are. You can wear one under a flannel when it gets colder in the winter. You can even throw your favorite tee over a long-sleeve for a cool layered style that's both contemporary and classic.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Are About Reliability

This year, with very few exceptions, most people who are into street style are bringing it back to basics. Fall 2018 fashion trends are about being clever and creative, so adding an accessory here and there is what can help you stand out. So long as you have the basics, you're going to maintain a solid style all through the fall.

If you're looking to accessorize your streetwear this fall, check out our guide to make sure you hit all the marks.