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5 Streetwear Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Posted by Super Saucy Brand on

You know fashion is huge on Instagram. Influencers post outfits to inspire their audience, and to promote brands they partner with. Analytics show that influencer posts on Instagram almost doubled between 2016 and 2017.

Even some of the biggest fashion houses in the world rely on Instagram influencers for a boost. Brands like Fendi have tapped into the power of Instagram influencers to increase sales. In fact, Fendi jumped from 18th to 7th place on Lyst's quarterly Hottest Brand Index.

But with so much noise on the platform, it can hard to hone in on the best accounts to follow. Are you looking for the coolest accounts to follow for unique streetwear inspiration? Read on for our list of five of the best streetwear Instagram accounts to add to your follow list.

1. Aleali May, @alealimay - The Streetwear Instagram Influencer with Her Own Sneaker

Alaeli May has worked at RSVP Gallery and modeled for Studdy, Adidas, Vans, and Nike. Aleali is an image consultant and has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Tiashe, and Lil Yachty. She is also the second woman ever to design a pair of limited-edition Air Jordans.

2. Gully Leo, @gullyguyleo - The Young Influencer Partnering with the Coolest Brands

Gully Leo is only 14 years old and has more than five hundred thousand followers on Instagram. He collaborates with some of the biggest streetwear brands. Check out Gully's account to see big name items before they're available to the public.

3. Feifei Fu, @ifayfu - The Instagrammer Merging Beijing and London Style

Feifei was born and raised Beijing but lives in London. Her streetwear mixes Japanese brands and mainstream high-end names like Balenciaga. She credits eBay as one the places she finds her rarest pieces.

4. Mikey Trapstar, @mikeytrapstar - The Designer Bringing Streetwear Style to the Stars

Some of the coolest celebrities have worn items from Mikey Trapstar's streetwear line. Paparazzi have captured photos of Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, and A$AP Rocky wearing his brand. Follow along on Instagram to see previews of upcoming designs.

5. Ceara Maya, @cea.ras - The London Influencer Sharing Edgy Streetwear Style

Ceara Maya's tough, tomboy style sets her apart from others in her demographic. She styles streetwear brands like Stone Island with high-end brands like Dior. Browse her feed for edgy style inspiration with a laidback attitude.

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